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This blog started as my movie marathon — watching a movie a day for a whole year — and has continued as a place for me to write reviews about movies, TV, and various other items.



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Movie Marathon: Rules and Introduction

For many months now, I have become heavily invested in television series, much more than films. I’m a big fan of shows currently on the air like Breaking Bad, Sherlock, and Game of Thrones. In addition, I’ve been going back to try and catch up with older series like Cheers, Lost, and Arrested Development that I never got a chance to watch when they first aired. The more television I watch, the fewer films I get to see. Don’t get me wrong, I still watch a lot of films, but I feel as if there are many classic films and new films that I have failed to see due to my large investment in so many television series. For example, despite being a self-proclaimed film buff, I have failed to see many classic films like The Wizard of Oz or Casablanca.

The goal of this Movie Marathon is to catch up on a whole bunch of movies I haven’t seen. I got the idea after Andy Ihnatko posted about his friend’s experience over at Honky’s Movie Year. My idea (well Honky’s really, I’m just doing the same thing he is) is to catch up on a large list of unseen films by watching one film a day for one year. Honky has since surpassed his original goal of 365 films in one year and is now at 1,177 over the course of about four and a half years.

The rules for my movie marathon will be as follows:

Each film I watch will be followed by a write-up of my thoughts on that film. The write-up will include my thoughts going into the film in addition to my thoughts after seeing the film. Each write-up will also include a score of 1-5 (one being the worst, five being the best). I’m going to refrain from calling these write-ups “reviews” because most of them probably won’t be the quality or length of a traditional critic review.

It is inevitable that a day will come where I am unable to watch my scheduled film due to school, vacations, etc. The goal is to watch approximately 365 films in a year without having to watch 10 in one day to catch up to the number goal. I hope this will be an entertaining experience for me as well as an opportunity to watch some great and classic films.

Start date: July 1, 2012. Less than three days away.